Let There Be More Light / Remember A Day



Songs: Let There Be More Light / Remember a Day
Picture/Title Sleeve: Picture sleeve.
Also Released On Red Vinyl: Yes.
Record Company: Odeon Records
Catalog Number: OR-2367
Release Information: These songs were released as a single in only two countries, Japan and the United States, with the Japanese release being the only issue with a picture sleeve. Released on both black and red vinyl.
Picture Sleeve: Two page fold-open sleeve. The front cover has a black and white picture from the Saucerful of Secrets album sleeve, titles in the center on the left, and the title NEW ROCK Best Hit Series at the top. The inside sleeves have titles with timings and band info in Japanese on the inner left, and song titles with lyrics in English on the inner right. The back cover is white with a listing of other Odeon Record releases.
Label: Black Odeon label. Also released with a white Odeon promo label.



Title: The Nile Song / Remember a Day
Picture / Title Sleeve: None.
Record Company: Capitol Records
Catalog Number: 7136
Label: Red / orange Capitol label.


United States:

Songs: Let There Be More Light / Remember a Day
Picture/Title Sleeve: None.
Record Company: Tower Records
Catalog Number: Tower 440
Release Date: August 19, 1968
Release Information: Edited versions of both songs, with slightly different mixes.
Label: Brown Tower label. Promos were issued with a white Tower promotional label.