Pink Floyd Their First Recordings

R-7780256-1448632900-7907.jpegSince we here at The Syd Barrett Archives broke this before any of the other Floyd sites, I wanted to make sure I also gave this a thorough review. Well, it finally landed in my hands and ears last night and so here we go.

A few notes before I start. I believe from a number of sources that the band was either The Tea Set or Sigma 6 during this time frame and not Pink Floyd, not that it is a big deal, but it is something. I also think that it might be Bob Klose singing on Remember Me which he isn’t credited for, but until we hear back from him I cannot be sure. It certainly isn’t Syd, Rick or Roger. Could be Nick I suppose, but my gut tells me it is Bob.

1. Lucy Leave – Most hardcore Floyd and Barrett fans are already familiar with this track, since it has been widely available since the advent of youtube from it’s acetate along with King Bee. Not much of a change here, slightly longer, a bit more cleaned up. Lucy Leave fits directly into the mid 60’s stuff like Yardbirds, Animals, a little Beatles, The Who. It is definitely the most Floyd like cut out of the bunch, but it still isn’t very Floyd.

2. Double O Bo – Talked about it’s existence for years and it finally pops up. This is a great little Bo Diddly style number with some fun drums and fun lyrics from Syd. This may be my favorite aside from Lucy.

3. Remember Me – As I mentioned above, I think this track has Bob singing. But beyond that it reminds me of early Captain Beefheart mixed with the Yardbirds and Doors like keyboards, pre Doors. In fact Rick’s keyboards all seem very Doors like throughout the songs that use them. Rick beat them to that one apparently.

4. Walk With Me Sydney – Syd is singing like Syd tends to, and in fact the lyrics are kind of like Vegetable Man and some of his solo stuff. A goofy song overall, but fun, and you have Rick’s sister doing back up vocals. Another song that has long existed in the Floyd legend, but finally heard!

5. Butterfly – The start of the song is very much like solo Syd stuff. In fact after hearing these 6 songs I would say that Syd’s solo stuff was much more like he normally wrote than the stuff with Floyd. This is a nice song, maybe the most put together out of the bunch without being or sounding like a cover. Still blues based, but solid.

6. King Bee – Like Lucy Leave, it has been floating around forever, it’s a ok cover aside from the Bass playing which was supposedly Rick on this track. Fun, but nothing great. One of the rare times over the Floyd career that you get to hear them do blues.

It would seem we have pinkfloyd1965.jpeg had a surprise this RSD Nov 2015, with the release of Pink Floyd 1965, double 7 inch РTheir First Recordings, limited to 1000 copies worldwide, it may be the start of a possible Piper or early years immersion set, guess we will have to wait and see.

Tracks are:

A1 – Lucy Leave – 2:53

B1 – Double O Bo – 3.25

B2 – Remember Me – 2:45

C1 – Walk with Me Sydney – 3:11

D1 – Butterfly – 2:59

D2 – I’m A King Bee – 3:07

Syd Barrett: Vocals, Guitar
Rado (Bob) Klose: Guitar
Nick Mason: Drums
Roger Waters: Bass, Vocals
Richard Wright: Keyboards

Juliette Gale: Vocals (Walk With Me Sydney)pinkfloyd1965back.jpeg


Most likely this has been released just so the record company can do their copyright extensions, so expect to see some interesting things pop up next year and in 2017 as well.


I will have a full review of this double 7″ within the week.


Breaking 11/29

Our friends at Pink Floyd Italia have posted 30 second sound clips, go and have a listen!