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It would seem we have pinkfloyd1965.jpeg had a surprise this RSD Nov 2015, with the release of Pink Floyd 1965, double 7 inch РTheir First Recordings, limited to 1000 copies worldwide, it may be the start of a possible Piper or early years immersion set, guess we will have to wait and see.

Tracks are:

A1 – Lucy Leave – 2:53

B1 – Double O Bo – 3.25

B2 – Remember Me – 2:45

C1 – Walk with Me Sydney – 3:11

D1 – Butterfly – 2:59

D2 – I’m A King Bee – 3:07

Syd Barrett: Vocals, Guitar
Rado (Bob) Klose: Guitar
Nick Mason: Drums
Roger Waters: Bass, Vocals
Richard Wright: Keyboards

Juliette Gale: Vocals (Walk With Me Sydney)pinkfloyd1965back.jpeg


Most likely this has been released just so the record company can do their copyright extensions, so expect to see some interesting things pop up next year and in 2017 as well.


I will have a full review of this double 7″ within the week.


Breaking 11/29

Our friends at Pink Floyd Italia have posted 30 second sound clips, go and have a listen!