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Being one of the oldest and most popular sites about Syd Barrett and the early Pink Floyd.

Since May of 1997 The Syd Barrett Archives has strived to be the most complete source of materials for Syd Barrett on the web.

Here you will find Syd Barrett Articles, pictures, books, news, interviews, lyrics, tabs, an extensive Syd Barrett discography, and much more information on Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd. So, please come have a look around, and enjoy the original home on the web of everything Syd Barrett related.

We are currently in the process of updating the site finally, so please be patient!

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In the continuing sage of the site update, I have now moved ALL the old articles over. More to come.


Hello everyone! I Just wanted to share a couple of things with our visitors.

  1. This is our 15th year starting on May 19th and I am trying like the dickens to get the site revamped for a fresh launch, so keep your eyes peeled.
  2. Come join us on our Facebook group, link in the sidebar, we are now over 2000 strong of Syd Barrett fans.
  3. The “official” site that came into existence 2 years after Mr. Barrett died will not give links to this site, or it seems any of the other Barrett sites that have been around for 10-15 years. I find this to be in really poor taste and a slap in the face to fans overall. While I cannot tell anyone not to visit that site, I will say that the site is from the record company, and they would seem to like nothing more than the real fan sites to go away, which would leave the web as a very dull place… just my 2 cents. As of 8/3/16 this has finally been resolved as it seems that the Barrett family has taken more direct control over their website. Thank you from us to you! – Stephen



Running this website since 1997 has been an act of love for Mr. Barrett’s work and genius, I find his story a tragedy, but one that must be shared. In his creative time he has produced work that I do not believe will be forgotten, and helped form one of the greatest bands of all time in Pink Floyd. Hopefully someday even his art will be well known (this seems to be happening since I wrote this).
I have always funded this website out of my own pocket, there are no advertisements, or Google ads etc. I am placing a Paypal donations link on the site, just to help paying for the server usage as the site is now averaging over 14,000 hits a month, and I do not want us to lose any of the long collected content that I like to provide. I hope that none of you find that distasteful, but it is a lot of work, and after 18 years of funding this great site, a little support (even $1 would do) to help keep it ad free, fast, and packed with information is all I’m looking to accomplish. I would like to thank you in advance if you choose to donate, and if not, everyone is welcome to enjoy the site as always.

Thank you all again, this site is for all of us fans and will always be. Your faithful host. – Stephen S.