Syd’s final performance
Terrapin, Jan 1973

STARS: At Cambridge, SYD CAME ON, PLAYED HIS SONGS AND THEN LEFT. I could end there, but as it was Syd’s first stage appearence for four years, detail becomes sacred necessity. He did versions of ‘Octopus’ and ‘No Man’s Land from the Madcap album: ‘Waving my arms in the Air’ and ‘Baby Lemonade’ from Barrett: and ‘Lucifer Sam’ from the legendary first Floyd album. Twink played drums and Jack Monke played bass until his amp decided it couldn’t cope with Syd’s musical journey and went dead! The lyrics were, for the most part, inaudible due to the terrible P.A., and Syd did no talking between the numbers, which were sadly under- rehearsed. But that was a genius on stage and he did show odd flashes of brilliance, but after about an hour Syd decided he had had enough, so he slowly unplugged and went home. Personally I think the band set Syd back considerably. I understand he was pushed into it at very short notice and this was reflected in the music. If Syd is going to do anything worthwhile it must be done when he is ready: and if we have too wait five years for an album as good as “The Madcap Laughs” it will be worth it. Underneath all the mystique bulshit there is an ordinary young English musician who bleeds real blood when he cuts his finger during the final number, and smiles a really warm smile when you thank him afterwards. As he said in the Rolling Stone interview, “You know man, I’m totally together. I even think I should be.”